Are you trying to destroy this wiki? Gunmhoine (an deasbaireachd) 03:43, 24 dhen Ghiblean 2015 (UTC)[]

Gunmhoine No. Why you ask that? -- Magioladitis (an deasbaireachd) 06:41, 24 dhen Ghiblean 2015 (UTC)[]
Because you put some 10% of our pages on the speedy delete list for no good reason.Gunmhoine (an deasbaireachd) 12:27, 24 dhen Ghiblean 2015 (UTC)[]
Gunmhoine I should have put the deletion tags inside noinclude. I am sorry I have noticed it. Bot is running now. -- Magioladitis (an deasbaireachd) 12:54, 24 dhen Ghiblean 2015 (UTC)[]
Gunmhoine Both templates are orphan now. -- Magioladitis (an deasbaireachd) 16:14, 24 dhen Ghiblean 2015 (UTC)[]

Boca Juniors (gd)Deasaich

hi, i created this page but i can't connect to other languages. you can do it ?--Tom Ravensburger (an deasbaireachd) 18:22, 8 dhen Fhaoilleach 2021 (UTC)[]