Cha robh na deasachaidhean agaibh feumail. Na sgriobh sa Bheurla cuideachd. -MacRusgail (an deasbaireachd) 12:31, 8 dhen Dùbhlachd 2014 (UTC)

Hi MacRusgail, I'm sorry for not knowing your language. Can you please explain why you reverted my tags. I only tagged redundant commons file and broken redirect. Sorry but do you guys have rules to keep those broken pages or duplicate commons files?--NahidSultan (an deasbaireachd) 10:33, 10 dhen Dùbhlachd 2014 (UTC)
I just notice that User:Creachadair also blocked my account!.--NahidSultan (an deasbaireachd) 10:35, 10 dhen Dùbhlachd 2014 (UTC)
I removed the block, this was not appropriate, both in terms of procedure and reasoning. He's part of the Small Wiki Monitoring team and was only following the general principle (let's call it) that files should not be duplicated as it leads to unnecessary bandwidth usage etc. I know some people on the smaller wikis who have been around for a long time prefer the idea of having files locally on each wiki but given the size and cost implications, I can see no rational reason for insisting on this decentralized approach. We don't really gain anything and the more money Wikpedia has to spend on pointless bandwidth, the less money there is for more important things, the way I see it.
Either way, that's not the way to block someone. Akerbeltz (an deasbaireachd) 16:56, 16 dhen Dùbhlachd 2014 (UTC)
Thank you very much, as long as there is no block on my CA, everything is fine. I can understand that sometimes dealing with this type of edits can cause me trouble which i've no problem with as long as others (or blocking admin) can understand and editors have the chance to get unblocked. There would only be problem if it's hard to contact the blocking admin in need. And i personally think every admin/special rights holder on Wikimedia wiki should have their 'emailuser' enabled unlike Creachadair's case. Thanks again.--NahidSultan (an deasbaireachd) 20:15, 16 dhen Dùbhlachd 2014 (UTC)