Halò, Kilburn, math d' fhaicinn an-seo agus tha sinn toilichte fhaicinn cuideachd gu bheil thu cho gnìomhach air Uicipeid na Gàidhlig! Ma bhios ceist sam bith agad, tha sinn deiseil is deònach do chuideachadh.

Aon rud beag 's dòcha. Mhothaich mi gu bheil thu cruthachadh iomadh aiste air daoine beò. Bhiodh e beagan na b' fhearr nam b' urra dhut tùsan a chleachdadh o thùs (leabhar no rud mar sin, fiù ma chleachdas tu an dearbh fheadhainn a th' air Uicipeid na Beurla). Mur eil thu cinnteach mar a nì thu sin, cuir sùil air duilleagan mar Iain Noble no cuir ceist orm-sa.

A-rithist, fàilte chridheil ort! Akerbeltz 02:36, 14 dhen Ghearrain 2011 (UTC)

HalòAkerbeltz, tapadh leibh for your kind welcome! I must admit I am only learning Gàidhlig and I thought it would be good practise for me if I used it here Uicipeid, by creating articles, etc. I understand you are saying there is something wrong with the biographies I have created? If I'm making too many mistakes, let me know and I'll return when my Gàidhlig is a bit better Kilburn

No, it's pefectly Ok for you to contribute. I was simply suggesting you might want to add at least one reference for each biography. Biographies of living people can be a bit contentious so it's always best to pepper them with as many source references as possible and I suggested you look at Iain Noble's page - or any page that has a ref really for how that works. In this case, you can even just copy and paste the references from the English Wiki. It just keeps things tidy.
The other point I'd suggest in that case, if you're creating stubs on living people, that we perhaps work out a formula. Some of your sentences were slightly off but if you stuck to something like 'S e [profession] [nationality] a tha ann an [name] that would work well. Here's a few other phrases that might come in handy:
  • Rugadh e/i ann an [year of birth] agus chaochail e/i ann an [year of death]
  • Tha e/i ainmeil a thaobh [something]
  • Rinn e/i na filmichean/òrain a leanas: [plus a list]
  • Bha e/i anns na filmichean/òrain/[etc] a leanas: [plus a list]
It might just be a way of fleshing out the particular kind of article you're working on. I can also recommend that you perhaps use Firefox and install the Gaelic spellchecker? You haven't made any typos that I can see so far but prevention is always good :)
Agus a-rithst, fàilte do dh'Uicipeid na Gàidhlig! Akerbeltz 14:03, 14 dhen Ghearrain 2011 (UTC)
Halò Kilburn, fàilte bhuam-sa cuideachd! As Akerbeltz already said, being a learner shouldn't keep you away from contributing here, Uicipeid na Gàidhlig is a good way to improve your Gaelic. And you are doing great be adding categories, pictures an interwikilinks as well. Just to add a little bit more to the articles would give the reader some more information, may be a list of his/her famous works as you can see it Patrick Swayze now. Le dùrachdan --Sionnach 22:14, 14 dhen Ghearrain 2011 (UTC)

Halò Sionnach, tapadh leibh cuideachd! I'll try and flesh out the articles I created a bit. If I create a few and don't write a lot on them, don't worry, I'll come back to them at a later date.


Best way to sign is by four squiggles ~ ~ ~ ~ (without the spaces) - that automatically puts in time, date etc. :) Akerbeltz 01:01, 16 dhen Ghearrain 2011 (UTC)

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