An diofar eadar na mùthaidhean a rinneadh air "Deasbaireachd a' chleachdaiche:Sionnach"

Yours faithfully.--[[Cleachdaiche:علاء|علاء]] ([[Deasbaireachd a' chleachdaiche:علاء|an deasbaireachd]]) 19:57, 7 dhen Fhaoilleach 2020 (UTC)
:Thanks for noticing. Allthough I have been very busy in RL, I'd be quite happy to carry on as a sort of backup that I've been for the last while. But if that would need gd community approval – there is hardly any community around here. So far I didn’t notice anyone being against keeping my privileges, ([[Uicipeid:Doras_na_coimhearsnachd#Rianairean_agus_bhandalachd| see for example this discussion here]]), but if you have to remove them, then it will be so.--[[Cleachdaiche:Sionnach|Sionnach]] ([[Deasbaireachd a' chleachdaiche:Sionnach|an deasbaireachd]]) 07:42, 6 dhen Ghearran 2020 (UTC)