An diofar eadar na mùthaidhean a rinneadh air "Rìoghachd na h-Alba"

Chaidh 22 baidht a chur ris ,  10 bhliadhnaichean air ais
=== Kings ===
[[File:Scotland Royal Coat of Arms 1603-1707of the United Kingdom (Scotland).PNGsvg|thumb|right|[[Coat of arms of Scotland|Scottish arms]] as used by the [[House of Stuart|Stuart monarchs]] from the [[Union of the Crowns]] in 1603 to the [[Acts of Union]] in 1707. (The motto ''[[Nemo me impune lacessit]]'' being added by [[Charles II of England|Charles II]]).]] In 1603 [[James I of England|James VI King of Scots]], became [[james I of England|King James I of England]] thus Scotland entered into a [[personal union]] with [[England]] and [[Ireland]]. The seventeenth century saw a period of unrest in Scotland, religious Confrontation in Scotland with [[Charles I of England|Charles I]], who attempted to impose English-style prayer books on the Scottish church, led to the setting up of the [[National Covenant]], and later to the [[Bishops' Wars]], the [[Scottish Civil War]] and [[Wars of the Three Kingdoms]]. From 1651-1660 Scotland was occupied by a [[Oliver Cromwell|Cromwellian]] army under [[George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle|George Monck]].
=== Claim of Right ===