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Mòran taing, [[Cleachdaiche:Emain Macha|Emain Macha]] ([[Deasbaireachd a' chleachdaiche:Emain Macha|an deasbaireachd]]) 15:11, 18 dhen Fhaoilleach 2017 (UTC)
== You are invited!==
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[[File:Celtic Knot Wiki Conference - logo.png|right|200px]] <big>''You are invited...''</big> [[File:Wikimedia-logo.svg|left|80px]]
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<big><big>[ The Celtic Knot: Wikipedia Language Conference ] - '''Programme now live.'''<br />
*'''Hosts:''' [[w:The University of Edinburgh| The University of Edinburgh]] and [[w:Wikimedia UK]]
*'''Supporting:''' Celtic & Indigenous Languages.
*'''Objective:''' The main objective for Celtic Knot 2017 is the coming together of practitioners in the same room at same time; strengthening the bonds of those working to support language communities into a 'knot' and leading into action. Attendees can expect to learn about and discuss innovative approaches to open education, open knowledge and open data that support and grow language communities.
*'''Date:''' 6 July 2017 - [ Booking is now open.]</big></big>
[[Cleachdaiche:Stinglehammer|Stinglehammer]] ([[Deasbaireachd a' chleachdaiche:Stinglehammer|an deasbaireachd]]) 23:45, 16 dhen Chèitean 2017 (UTC)