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== Need your help: Changes in plural for Scots Gaelic (gd) ==
For Scots Gaelic, MediaWiki will start using the plural rules for software as they are in the Unicode CLDR. This is different from what MediaWiki used up to today. These changes will go live on this wiki in a few weeks. Because of the changes, less than 100 current translations in should be updated, and all possible uses of plural you have in [[Special:AllMessages]] (from what I can see there aren't any for the latter). All details are in [[translatewiki:Thread:Talk:Plural/Changes_in_plural_for_Scots_Gaelic_(gd)_in_MediaWiki|this thread on]]. Thanks for your help and understanding. Cheers! [[Cleachdaiche:Siebrand|Siebrand]] ([[Deasbaireachd a' chleachdaiche:Siebrand|talk]]) 16:47, 26 dhen Ghearrain 2013 (UTC)