An diofar eadar na mùthaidhean a rinneadh air "Sionnachan-mara"

Chaidh 7 baidhtichean a chur ris ,  15 bhliadhnaichean air ais
gun ghearr-chunntas deasachaidh
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[[Image:Milky sea.jpg|frame|none|right|Milky seas effect]]
'''Milky seas''' is a condition on the open ocean where large areas of [[seawater]] (up to 6,000 square miles) are filled with [[bioluminescent]] [[bacteria]], causing the ocean to uniformly glow an eerie blue at night. The condition has been the stuff of [[sailor|mariner]]'s tales for centuries – notably appearing in chapter 24 of [[Jules Verne]]'s ''[[Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea]]'' – but until recently it has not been scientifically documented.
There have been 235 documented sightings of milky seas since 1915 - mostly concentrated in the north-western Indian Ocean and near Indonesia.