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*::So why the lecture? Because the use of -pedia in a gaelicised word falls into that category of words that pretend to be Gaelic by changing the spelling but nothing else. Not having a go, but Gaelic has a very intricate spelling system that not many people understand all that well. The problem here is the ''ia'' sequence (that and the single ''e'' which is not allowed in Gaelic except at the end of words cf àite, maise... but has to be ''ei'' elsewhere). ''ia'' is very common in Gaelic but falls under that peculiar group of two letter combinations that have a fixed pronunciation. What that means is that, for example, ''a'' can be /a/ (caman, aran..) /ɘ/ (coma, loma...) or /au/ (ball, call...) depending on the position in the word. ''ia'' is always /ia/ or /iɘ/ (cf iar, ciar, fiaradh, iasg...) but I challenge you to find a Gaelic word that's not a Stòrlann invention that has ''ia'' outside the stressed syllable (usually the first). Therefore, irrespective of whether you spell it Uici-pedia or Uicipedia, the ''ia'' and the ''e'' break both spelling and phonology conventions. And then, as Sionnach points out, there's the even bigger problem of this being a cross between a transliteration and an English word, because by keeping the English -pedia spelling, I'd say the chances are 0 that people will pronounce this anything but /piːdiɘ/. Overall, I feel that this form would do more harm than good. [[User:Akerbeltz|Akerbeltz]] 11:40, 26 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)
*::Incidentally, the ''uondaradh'' is misleading. If you listen, again, to people actually saying this it's wonder-adh, i.e. an English root with a Gaelic ending tacked on. Not uncommen at all in languages (in German you can circumfix ge_t to form the past (e.g. machen > gemacht "done"), including English words so you can have geskypet, genetworkt... but that doesn't make any of those words German). Either way, not really a model we want to follow I think. [[User:Akerbeltz|Akerbeltz]] 20:33, 26 dhen Dùbhlachd 2010 (UTC)
*::'''I'd say the chances are 0 that people will pronounce this anything but /piːdiɘ/'''
*::Unfortunately, I'd put good money that this statement holds regardless of the spelling we settle on....
*::Nìall Beag. [[Special:Contributions/|]]
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