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Tillte deasachadh aig ais ri lethbhreac mu dheireadh le DerHexer
(Replacing page with ''''OMG WHY DID U BLOCK ME????????'''')
b (Tillte deasachadh aig ais ri lethbhreac mu dheireadh le DerHexer)
I live in Berlin, Germany, and I'm a [[meta:Stewards|steward]] at meta.wikimedia and a sysop at [[:w:en:User:DerHexer|en.wikipedia]] and at [[:w:de:User:DerHexer|de.wikipedia]]. I'm interested in Latin language, Chemistry and Ancient Greek. My contributions can be found [[Special:Contributions/DerHexer|here]], and sorted by namespace [ here]. At the moment I'm fighting vandalism.
'''OMG WHY DID U BLOCK ME????????'''
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<td style="font-size:8pt;padding:4pt;line-height:1.25em">Jabber: <br /> (This is '''not''' an e-mail address!<br />Therefore use [[Special:Emailuser/DerHexer|this]] link, please.) [ GnuPGP key] <br />Skype: sigmundjaehn<br />ICQ: 281562687</td>